The Prophet said, “It will be said to the person who memorized Quran, Read, ascend, recite with slow, rhythmic chanting just as you used to recite in the worldly life. For verily your position in paradise will be at the place of the last verse that you recite,”(Abu Daawood and At Tirmidhi).

Daily Quran learning taught by Experienced Hafidah of Quran. The smaller levels have qualified assistants in addition to main Quran Teachers, to help students with new lesson.
Tajweed, Tarteel  and other essential rules based on student’s understanding.

Qaidah   –  For those children who need to start form Basic and learn the letters, words.

Nazrah  –  For those who know the letters or can read Quran, but want to improve on their Quran recitation.

Memorization – Review and learning by heart the smaller surahs of Quran

The First half of the Daily Maktab class time(45 mts), is spent for Quran learning. The Second half is spent on Islamic Subjects(45 mts).

Improving Quran recitation is a long arduous task which takes much tact, effort and dua. However the reward is indeed very great in the sight of Allah Ta’ala.